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Vintage Pewter patina was created by Stefan when he was working on our Speckled Pewter patina for a countertop that had to get out the door with no delay! Because of the rush, he changed up his process a bit and although, he did not succeed in getting that Speckled finish done quickly, he did come up with an entirely new patina that we all loved! A classic tale of the birth of something wonderful through the defeat of a mistake.

This patina is wonderfully random and seems to have the same quality and feel of aged mercury glass with veining and reflectiveness. The luster of the Pewter naturally shines through the surface mottling. Overall, the coloring can be small and speckled or, larger patches of tarnish melting into veins of antiquing.

We can clear coat this finish if you prefer to maintain the interesting patterns and vintage look of the finish or, we can apply the look to get you a head start towards letting the entire piece naturally age and mottle through use. With the Vintage patina as a starting point, you won’t even notice that first little ding, scratch or sure sign evidence of life that will begin to develop your Pewter counter or sink into something all your own.