Our Story

Welcome to the Story of Raw Urth Designs.

This is a classic American tale of boy meets girl, boy can build anything girl can think up, boy and girl think up and build super cool stuff, and put it out into the world to share. Along the way, boy and girl begin working with fantastic, super talented people and begin the process of building something bigger than themselves. Personally, we love to hear stories and how things came to be. These chapters are our turn to share our own tale and give back a little something.

Everyone at Raw Urth has gotten to this place through different avenues, experiences and choices. At the end of the day, the story is the people that make Raw Urth what it is. We hope you enjoy and check back in the future to read about the chapters we have yet to experience. We will write them as they unfold and share them as they come.

amy + stefan sasick

In case you are one of those people that actually reads the prologue of a story, here’s a little something from Amy to get you started…..

Because I get asked quite often about the name Raw Urth, I thought it might be a great place to start.

Believe it or not, the name came to us at the grocery store which is where I end up spending a lot of my time. While shopping, I noticed the t-shirt of one of the guys that worked at the store. He was restocking veggies and wearing an earth colored shirt that simply said, “raw”. What a terrific word. White, simple letters of a simple word on a dirt colored shirt. It seemed right up our alley. There were different ways we could go with concept. “Raw Dirt” sounded like we were worm farmers. That was out. “Raw Earth” sounded good to our ears but, looked a little 1970’s as written.

Stefan is the one that came up with “urth”. As anyone who has spent time with Stefan knows, he is a master of plays on words. He can make up the best and most hilarious, wrong song lyrics on the spot. Add that to double entandras and phonetical spelling (think “fud” instead of “food” on our dog’s bowl) and you get the picture. He changed “earth” to “Urth” and, a name was born. (It is worth noting that he also came up with “irth” but, thankfully, that did not make the cut. It seemed a little irksome to me :).