urthling 1:1 | Stefan Sasick

Stefan Sasick

river water on a cloudy day

alter ego:
he can’t tell you about it...

dessert of choice:
Amy’s apple crisp

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Much of Raw Urth’s style and look are a direct mirror of Stefan Sasick and his connection to nature and its subtle beauty. Growing up in Colorado, Stefan spent every free moment along the river banks fishing or out in the prairie scouting for birds. Each plant, animal, insect, body of water and ditch was scrutinized and investigated with the upmost intent and curiosity. This connection to the natural world around him along with his work experience as a landscaper, park ranger, carpenter, mason, craftsman and artist has given him the unique vision that defines his work.

Leaving Colorado in the late ’80s and working for Yellowstone National Park was a great jumping point in his career until the fires of the area forced him to move on to the next chapter. Austin, TX, the “live music capital of the world” called to the musician in him. While playing gigs at night, Stefan landed a “day job” at The Great Outdoors Landscape, where he met and married Amy. Soon after they forged out on their own and opened Fluid Designs where he created all of the hardscape pieces used in the designs. His craftsmanship and skill showed through the stones, arbors and spaces so when they needed steel work, it was a natural extension of his already diverse ability and Raw Urth was born.