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Working with metal is what Brian Grove was born to do. He has the eye for it, the patience for it and the love for it. Holding down one of our fabrication tables, Brian can put together an amazing range hood as deftly as a flawless fire feature. He cares about the work he puts out and pours care and energy into each piece he creates. We depend on his steady drive and attention to details.

Having dinner with his parents (who are fantastic by the way), friends told him about Raw Urth. At the time, Brian had been working at a production shop and was toying with the idea of finding something more creative. He checked out our work, read our story and gave us a call. His calm demeanor and funny antidotes grabbed our attention right away. We love great welders but, we love great welders with great personalities even more! He has both and therefore, a perfect fit.

Brian is a fascinating guy and a true pleasure to be around. He seems to know a little something about almost all roads our conversations meander down. Being born and raised as a local Fort Collins guy, he seems to have his finger on the pulse of our community. (And if he doesn’t, his mother Jean does! That woman is a powerhouse in her own right.) He can guide us on all things Colorado and happens to be our inside connection at the summer party lake! Year after year, he pulls together the details to get us a spot on a private lake right outside of town and preps the area for us to have our weekend of fun.

Speaking of the Raw Urth Party at the Lake, Brian is also the DJ that creates the playlists for our parties. He has a gift with setting the mood and pleasing the masses. Not an easy task to say the least. He also happens to be our master bartender. Making a mean martini, with lemon twist, is his specialty and he deeply appreciates any home brew, fruit infusion or hooch any other Urthling might bring to the table. His enthusiasm is contagious. He seems to elevate the after hours experience for the rest of us! 🙂

Brian’s passion for working with metal…

Brian Grove Silversmith


Beyond the work Brian does with us here at Raw Urth, he is a silversmith in his own right. If he doesn’t get enough sanding and refining during the day, he adds more when he gets home at night. Polishing stones and setting them in Sterling Silver, Brian is our resident jeweler of the tallest order. We think almost all girls associated with Raw Urth in any way have a piece of his work. It makes the perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gift for the spouses of the guys in the shop. His work in silver is as detailed and beautiful as we would expect and totally worth checking out.

If you need a little something for someone in your life, check out Brian’s work at Earth Elements Design. If you can’t find the perfect piece, give him a call and he can scout out that perfect stone for you!


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