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Anybody that has ever met Tony Kukla knows he oozes charisma! This guy could not be any nicer, level headed or even tempered. It blows us away sometimes. In the world of custom home building, schedules can get turned on their heads and emotions can run high. No matter what fall out is happening around him, he stays on point! Always ready with a smile and an extra hand, Raw Urth is forever changed after having him in the mix.

Another Raw Urthling from New England, Tony grew up in Massachusetts. He picked up an engineering degree (and a wife, Hillary) in upstate New York, then headed west. Landing in Fort Collins he found a job up in Cheyenne, WY and commuted back and forth for several years. Liking his job but, not enjoying the drive time, Tony started looking around for something new.

Coming across an ad we posted, he checked us out and gave us a call! We could not be more thrilled that he did! Tony holds down the Design Engineering department creating shop drawings, and working with clients to get all our jobs out the door just right. His engineering background and experience in other shops has helped to elevate our internal process as well. Great insights, valuable suggestions and quick with a smile, this guy rocks!

And as if on queue, let’s talk about his rocking. This guy also lays down epic bass lines with two local bands. It is a fun night to get off work and head out, grab a beer and watch him play. His totally awesome and completely adorable wife Hillary can always be found in the crowd and dancing along. Although she doesn’t work with us, we believe she is a major bonus we got in the bargain with having Tony around.

In addition to keeping that underlying beat, Tony takes the vocal lead on a few songs as well. The first time we all went out to support his band at the Swing Station in LaPorte, jaws dropped when Tony (Tbonius Funk) started singing. We kid you not, Tony’s singing voice is so low that he can actually pull off Johnny Cash songs! Who’d a thunk?!?

Tony let loose in the world outside of Raw Urth…

Good Grins Farm Stand


After working a 10 hour day at Raw Urth, Tony heads home to be a farmer. He and Hillary have a home grown, true as dirt, farm stand. They started it as a hobby and a way to eat truly organic, good-for-them food. Over the last several years, it has become kind of a big deal. Now officially on the Tour de Farms here in Fort Collins, Good Grin Farms is worth checking out if you are visiting the area in the summer. With farm fresh veggies during the warmer months and chicken eggs year around, the stand is a nice place to stop on the way home to grab a little good-for-you food too!

We understand that it is not really mathematically possible for Tony to do more than what we have already mentioned but, he does! He loves to hunt in the fall, fish when he can, and explore Colorado back country. It is a rare brew fest that he is not present at and, if he can squeeze in a music concert, he will be there ready to rock! In fact, he has been known to go ahead and power out a mullet when needed to make that ’80’s band revival tour more meaningful! Or, possibly work up a creeper stash for Movember. We have respect for that kind of commitment!