urthling 1:1 | Amy Sasick

Amy Sasick

alter ego:
none, you get what you see.

dessert of choice:
buttery shortbread with pecans

foreign country:
France, Greece, Spain, and Morocco

attribute image

Amy Sasick never imagined that she would work in a metal shop much less, run the day to day operations!


It’s rare to find that an Art Club President would also be seeking a degree in the Business School emphasizing Finance, but that is what you have found had you known Amy at Stephen’s College back in the day. That balancing act between art and business has been a continuing theme for her ever since. After graduation Amy moved down to Austin, TX where she landed her first design job working with Comida Deluxe on the exterior of a new, and now, quite famous little spot named Shady Grove. Enjoying the design aspects of working with outdoor environments, she moved into her landscaping career developing a retail nursery for The Great Outdoors and ultimately going out with her husband, Stefan, to start up Fluid Designs which they owned and operated until the birth of Raw Urth.

Raw Urth has given Amy a place she can direct her artistic and design endeavors while capitalizing on her experience and natural inclination to think forward, interact with people and sometimes curl up with a freshly inked page of ratios.

Above all, she loves traveling around the country with her husband and two children, throwing up a tent and camping wherever the road leads them.