Keen on Green

Climate-Wise | We maintain the belief that we are all caretakers of the earth and, therefore, carry the responsibility of maintaining it for our children and theirs.

Climate-wise Affliliations:

Office Practices | What’s more, we routinely reuse and recycle our office and shop waste. We believe smart, eco-friendly choices start in our own backyard.

The Evaporator | We utilize preservation practices like Dirty Harry here, the evaporator. It’s our own water processing system for waste water created in our patina, washing and finishing departments. By collecting and separating our own waste water, we guarantee no metals or acids make their way into our clean Colorado water! It’s above and beyond, but totally worth it!

Post Consumer | Did you know that our steel comes from American mills that recycle post-consumer American waste like old, junker cars and washed up appliances? This reduces mining waste by 97%, air pollution by 86% and water pollution by 76%. That’s huge!

Wind Energy | We use 100% wind energy credits for our operations. What more can we say?