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When Pewter ages naturally, it creates a patina or, tarnish, much like that of oxidized Silver. When Silver ages, it naturally turns darker and richer with a charcoal colored tarnish on the surface that can lean toward warmer tones even when the base color is silver to gray. Pewter ages in exactly the same way. Over time, the Pewter deepens and richens reflecting a warm silver gray that seems to glow from the inside. I don’t think there is a person among us that doesn’t love the look of time as it sits on the surface of Pewter. Although this process happens naturally when Pewter becomes exposed to the air and environment around it, we can certainly give it a quick start on the process with this Antique Pewter patina finish that recreates the natural look of aged Pewter. We force the oxidization and create the natural darkness of a tarnish then, hand rub the tarnish back allowing it to¬†settle in the low spots while burnishing and highlighting the high spots. Antique Pewter¬†gives the over all piece a sense of timelessness, brilliance and depth with minimal mottling and subtle highs and low within the field of the piece.

We highly recommend not having any Pewter patina finishes clear coated as the inner glow of the Pewter seems to mute with a top coat. It is preferable to allow the patina to grow and change naturally with time as it allows flexibility with the finish in that you can polish the tarnish back if you prefer or, let it continue to deepen in color.