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Antique Bronze jump starts the look you will get from Bronze aged naturally over time. As Bronze oxidizes and ages organically, it tarnishes much like Silver or Pewter does. However, because Bronze is a warmer toned metal, it tarnishes in warm brown tones as opposed to the charcoal gray that happens on the silver or white metals. That rich, deep, brown tone can be created through the patina process so the range hood or counter top looks like it has already been in your space for years. When comparing our warm base metals, Bronze offers a more buttery richness than the brightness of copper or the gold of brass. When adding this Antique finish, there is hardly a space in the would not become elevated by incorporating a little Bronze.

When using Antique Bronze on a counter top, we highly recommend leaving the finish without clear coat. We can Antique the counter then, send it out with a simple wax top coat. This will allow the counter to begin aging naturally while the patina gets you miles down the road without waiting for it to happen over time.

Although this finish is more refined than our more rustic and mottled finishes, you can still expect to have subtle mottling on the surface of the finish. We like the that mottling as we believe it creates a more realistic aged look.