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Blackened Stainless is a little misleading in that the stainless is more of a graphite gray color. The color will change as you move around the piece and the light reflects differently on the different planes. It makes the darkness so much more interesting than having a flat black paint which can disguise the fact that it is metal. This patina allows the actual metal to shine through the dark tone (as it should be!). As you move around the Range Hood or, Fire Feature, the tonal quality of the planes reflect light between black to graphite to even a more silver reflection bouncing bright light.

You can expect some slight tone on tone mottling with the Blackened. Just the perfect amount to make it all look like it was made by real humans and not a machine! A warning about the Blackened Patina on Stainless; We have found that used as an external application without clear coat or, as a counter without clear coat, the darkening of this patina can begin to fade with time. For interior, non-counter applications, we can clear coat the finish alleviating this problem. We are happy to talk expectations through with you so we can make the right choice for your needs!