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The mirrored reflection of Polished Copper makes us think of french candy shops, wooden paddles and fluffy clouds of whipped cream. Maybe we don’t have the gleam of copper bowls, sauce pans and patè molds covering our walls like Julia Child had in the day but, we can certainly add a little coppery glow to our Range Hoods, Backsplashes or Countertops. At full Polish and fresh from our studio, the Copper will have undertones of light orange with a tinge of pink. Over time, the Polished Copper will tarnish, darken and deepen with warm and smoky browns. Ultimately, we feel this traditional Copper finish is a perfect compliment to life in the kitchen. While it can be ageless, it can also work just as well in a more clean line, modern kitchen. We believe every space can benefit from an unexpected pop, shimmery reflection and touch of a natural element.

Mottling is non-existant when new although, through the natural living finish, mottling will occur as the piece is used. Polishing and rub-back can control any tarnishing that develops if that is preferred.