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If you want to see Pewter in it’s truest form, Burnished Pewter is the way to go! We sand the surface with a non-directional sand then, add a final circular hand rub to bring out the natural luster of the metal. It is one of the easiest finishes we create because Pewter is a naturally glowing, luxurious, over the top gorgeous metal! Amy often likens Pewter to butter…. not your standard, every day butter but, a salted, creamy, European butter. We are not really sure why that is the metaphor but, we have to back her all the way! Burnished Pewter really is creamy, rich and over the top.

Pewter is the perfect metal to embrace the living finish. As it ages, it will slowly darken and richen much like silver does. You will have total control over how dark or, light you want your Pewter to tarnish because you can polish it back up anytime you would like or, simply let it go. Over time, the lower lying areas or spaces around the trim that are difficult to polish will continue being darker adding yet another level of depth.

No mottling on this finish as them metal is cleaned up and left raw. We can add a clear coat finish to Burnish however, the clear coat tends to flatten any of the natural luster of the metal so, we highly advise against it.