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The Antique Brass patina is the perfect way to dip your toes back into the water of designing with brass. The patina tones down the strong yellow/gold color by adding a deep brown around the edges. This Antique adds a look of age and natural tarnish without waiting for it to happen naturally over time. We really like this finish on the brass because it seems to allow the piece to glow from the inside. Plus, who are we kidding,.. we loved the 70’s!

As with any of our Antique finishes on different metals, you can choose to have the Antiquing as a halo around the edges or, as a non-halo’d finish letting the entire surface be more monochromatic in look. We also have a slightly higher cost for the non-halo’d version of this finish because we have to finish all the parts separately then, put it all together after the pieces have been finished. It is not much but, we want to give you a heads up that the two options are not priced quite the same.