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Pewter Butterdish is more of a texture than a patina. It got its name from a job we were working on with one of Stefan’s beautiful sisters, Brooke. We had been talking with her about building a Pewter range hood for her newly remodeled home in California. After sending samples that were perfect, shiny and new, she asked if we could make the pewter look like an antique butter dish she had picked up at a second hand store and absolutely loved the use, age and patina it had acquired through years of service. Of course time, use and love put a depth on things that can not be created over night however, through some trial and error and all manner of experiment, we came up with this pitted and imperfect texture to mimic Brooke’s butter dish.

This texture is hand applied giving a layer of human touch that makes all things better. There is not a machine in the world that can put the same level of care into a texture line the human hand. The result is random in pattern although overall uniform in look. The pitting is subtle and gives a place for the darkness and tarnish of Pewter’s natural patina to settle. This is the perfect option to introduce Pewter to a metal countertop or table top since it helps to hide and blend the natural wear that will occur over time. When we have clients walk into our studio and see our sample board, it is a rare day that this sample is not the one that is reached for and pulled off it’s hook. It is sincerely a favorite of ours as well as our clients!