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When we want to simply let Copper be Copper, we go with a Burnished finish. With non-directional sanding, the Burnished Copper surface is exposed to the air and elements being left to patina naturally. Many of us think of Copper with the look of a worn penny however, that would be more in line with our Antique Copper patina. Natural, raw Copper reflects a bright, crisp color with undertones of orange and pink. As it ages and begins to patina, it can have greens, blues, reds and browns. The coloring will really be determined by the elements it is exposed to. Those of us that live more desert style will see more brown and tarnish tones while humid areas along the Eastern and upper MidWest states will see more green, also called verdigris.

We can clear coat the Burnished Copper to slow down the aging process or, leave it totally exposed. When left exposed, you have the control! Let it be a living finish or, polish it back to keep it fresh!

Mottling is none when the piece arrives then, large and varied mottling occurs over time as it all naturally oxidizes.