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The Bonner Peak range hood offers elegant curves with simple, clean line trim at the apron, crown and waist. While the detailing is simple, the overall profile reads very luxurious. Small, smooth rivets accentuate the curves at the outer edges which is always a good thing. This hood is the perfect fit for those needing a little refinement.

We love this hood in any of the specialty metals. The smooth curves of the hood really lets the natural luster of those metals shine through! We also recommend the Antique patina in any of the metals as it is more subtle and lets the profile of the hood really drive the design.

Maybe You Would Like a Slightly Different Scale on this Design…

No problem! Before we build any hood, we will work up full shop drawings for you to review and approve. When you get those drawings, you are welcome to tweak or change any detail, scale or proportion you would like. We do this to make sure you get exactly what you are imagining when you dream of your new hood!

We will also offer a suggestion on a blower unit that will work in the Bonner Peak. If you like our suggestion and the price works with the budget, we will send you the hood as a turn key unit. Or, if you prefer to supply the blower unit yourself, that is fine too. We simply ask that you call us to make sure it fits into the design you have chosen before you purchase. If it doesn’t, we will point you in the right direction toward a model from your supplier that will!

The Story behind the Bonner Peak Range Hood…

We created this design as a modification of our Bellvue hood with the sweeping S-curve. Loving the shape of the hour glass design but, wanting to take the hood from Rustic to a bit more sophisticated, we added the trim. When we found a sheet of brass at the shop that was pitted and therefore not usable, we decided to play. We built a pitted Bonner Peak to test out the new design. The results were so great, we took that pitted hood to a trade show and got orders for hoods with requests for the same pitting. Thus, the textured patina finishes were born at the same time.

Funny how things you think are a problem can turn right around and be spectacular!