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The Bellvue range hood gives a fantastic S-curve profile from the front and the side. It’s the perfect touch of shabby chic and panache! We think French country kitchen when we see this hood and absolutely love it!

A perfect centerpiece in a traditional kitchen as well as a transitional space, the Bellvue is diverse. It seems to add that perfect punch of curve when needed in an otherwise linear room. We recommend this hood in Steel with the Rustic Iron Patina. We also think it is a classic in Antique Copper. That being said, several of our clients have recently had us build it in Stainless Steel and Polished Zinc. It is brilliant in those metals because it is so different from any other stainless range hood on the market. A show stopper for sure!

A Few Things to Remember…

As with all of our Range Hoods, you can have us build the Bellvue standard or, exactly how you would like to see it! We want to make sure we are building you what you want and not what we have built before. That is the beauty of a boutique, custom metal shop. Let us know if you like it exactly how you see it or, tell us what you wish it had and we will make it happen!

We also like to remind everyone that we can build this hood around most blower units. We can supply one with the hood or, you can send us one from your local supplier. Either direction works for us. We simply want it to be easy for you!

The Story Behind the Bellvue Design…

It is a little embarrassing to tell the story behind the Bellvue because we don’t want to give the wrong impression! But, if truth be told, the inspiration was taken from a dressmakers mannequin. Seeing an antique model at a thrift store, Amy was inspired to work up a full, hour glass version in steel. Somehow, it works! Who can deny a nice, cinched-in waist line?!