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The Aspen Range Hood is hands down, one of the most versatile hoods on the market. You honestly could not go wrong with this one,… no matter the environment! Posh, elegant, streamline or industrial, the Aspen makes a statement and enhances the space.

Although this style hood is often seen in commercial kitchens with a sparse, flat face, we added a gentle curve and trim details elevating it to the front of the house. For those kitchens that are more down to urth and rustic, we recommend using riveted straps at the crown and apron with matching details vertically along the face. If your taste leans toward the modern or transitional, the standing seam might be a better fit. Either way, you can’t go wrong and we love to give you choices!

A Few Items to Consider…

As mentioned above, you can order the Aspen range hood with straps or standing seams, rivets or, plain. We will let you choose the detail and not nickel and dime you to make it happen. Every hood we build is made to order so, design away or, choose one of our standards. It’s all good!

You will also want to think about the functionality of the hood. We build cool metal stuff but, we rely on the appliance guys to get the blower part done just right. We can choose the correct blower for you and ship it with the hood. Or, if you prefer to pick your own and send it our way, that works too. We will make sure that your hood fits seamlessly with your blower no matter the source.

The Design Inspiration Behind the Aspen Range Hood…

Amy and Stefan have very low ceilings in their kitchen since the space is a modified church and not really well thought out. When they remodeled, they wanted to show off their mad skills with a show-stopper range hood (makes sense). That’s hard to do with a small range and a low ceiling. At the time, most of the hoods we sold were very vertical in design and therefore, not good options. Thus, the Aspen.

The Aspen is the flagship hood of what Amy likes to call the “long and low.”  Loosing the upper cabinets and extending the hood twice the width of their range, the hood was able to make a statement without the height. By adding a couple extra task lights outside the blower, the hood helped light up the prep space beside the range. The design was dynamic and anchored the entire wall. They loved it then and, we love it now!

Isn’t that the way it seems most good things go? Make it for yourself then, share with others when it goes right!