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What range hood collection could be complete without the classic design of the Palisade Range Hood? Timeless, elegant and enduring, the Palisade is a shoe-in for traditional and commercial kitchens alike. With graceful arching shoulders on all sides meeting at a center chimney, the Palisade is sure to add depth to any kitchen.

We can build the Palisade range hood with or without a tool bar along the apron or, a hanging tool bar. Straps and rivets also come standard, with the rivets running to the outside of the straps. We like that look as it reminds Amy of pearl buttons on a wedding dress. It adds a certain touch of elegance and refinement.

The Ventilation and Customization…

As with all of our range hoods, we will walk you through combining your hood with the perfect blower unit. We can supply one as a turn key vent hood or, help you choose one from your local supplier. Either way, we’ve got you covered and want to make it as easy and reasonable for you and your project!

When you place an order for a hood, we will also send you full 3D drawings of your hood, sized for your space with all the details you would like to see. You will be able to tweak and change any of the details during this drawings phase. We want to make sure it is just right for you and so we can all be on the same page with what you want before we cut that first piece of metal!

 A Note from Amy on the Inspirations Behind our Designs…

I love cookbooks. I read them from front cover to back and immerse myself in the life of the author through the meals they create. Mostly I love to read the story paragraph above each new recipe then, down through the list of ingredients. It is fun to see how those dishes are eaten in their family traditions. I like knowing when a delicious dish came about because there were only 3 things in the fridge one night. It is fun for me to connect with those mothers, daughters, home chefs and professional chefs alike.

When I began writing this new web page, I wanted to have that same connection with our clients. I thought it would be fun to add a little paragraph at the end of each design to give a little insight on what inspired the design or, how it was used in a special project. Some are fun and interesting, and others just happened more organically.

The Palisade Range Hood is one of the later. It seemed like a classic shape that simply needed to be in our collection. When I closed my eyes and thought of an old european farm kitchen, this hood seemed like the perfect fit. It is a beauty and we hope you think so as well.