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Tiled Backsplash

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tiled backsplash

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It’s brilliant! Tile and true metal combined in any size, shape, or detailing you can imagine! What’s not to love?!

When you order a Tiled Backsplash, we will cut our metals into tile shapes, patina them then, mount them to a backer for ease of installation when it arrives at your job site. We can also send individual tiles for a glue up application. No mortar or mess during installation. If you have a tricky area, we can also create complimentary trim pieces for flexibility in the space.

Let us know what seam pattern you would like to see and we will get it designed and drawn up based on your space. As with everything we build, you will receive full shop drawings to review, modify and approve before we build anything.

Care and maintenance is in line with our Stove Hoods. Steel tiles will be clear coated and the Specialty Metals will be left as a living finish.