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Solid Panel Backsplash

style shown:
solid panel backsplash and spice shelf

as shown metal:

rustic iron

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Sometimes we have enough going on in our kitchens without adding another level of detail with tiles or stone. Less is in fact sometimes, more. When this happens, a large, solid surface might be the ticket! We have you covered with our Solid Panel Backsplash. Letting the patina or, metal itself be the design element, these large backsplash panels really make in impact. Easy to care for and a nice backdrop to the kitchen, these panels can add a really nice layer to the other metal elements as well as the wood and hard surfaces of the space.

Panels can be created out of Steel or, any of our Specialty Metals and finishes. Remember of course that the Steel panels will need to maintain a clear coat as protection to the patina. We are also happy to add rivet detailing, a tool bar, hanging shelves for the tool bar, exposed hardware and even a small spice shelf if you want. The sky is the limit!