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how & why: Hot off the press!!! We are over the moon after seeing this feature article by Wanda M. Perkins in Inspired Home Magazine! What a beautiful story on all the reasons why we love custom range hoods. Since we couldn’t have said it better ourselves, here’s a quick sneak peek, but go pick up a copy of the issue or click the link below for the full story. Thank you, Wanda and Inspired Home Magazine, for the incredible feature!!


“Back in the days when our parents and grandparents cooked meals in their kitchens, not much thought was given to the unattractive, boxy hoods above the stove, except that they almost magically sucked up cooking fumes, sending them out into the great unknown. Today’s kitchens introduce the range hood as a distinguishing focal point, an eye-catching artistic design that commands attention. And when it comes to kitchen hoods, Stefan and Amy Sasick of Raw Urth Designs, artisans in steel creations, are masters at their craft. Hailing from Fort Collins, Colorado, the Sasicks describe themselves and their staff as creative “urthlings,” a collective group of artisans that utilize and combine their skills, inspiration and passion. From initial design concept to the final finished detail, each of their products is uniquely hand-crafted. ‘We believe that anything touched and worked by human hands with human energy has beauty that cannot be re-created in any other way,’ Amy Sasick explains. ‘That is true for kitchen range hoods, as they are the centerpiece of the kitchen. Since the days of cooking by the hearth to today’s modern and functional kitchens, hoods are now the showpiece, defining style and fashioning the space.'” – Wanda M. Perkins



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