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fireplace sculpture out of handcrafted metal


how &why: We’re so happy to see the Eberl home be selected for Home of the Year in Colorado Homes & Lifestyles!! Check out the beautiful story on the evolution of their design, from careful placement on the land, to the little details that we were able to be a part of. This house is truly a Colorado dream home!


“Another challenge: How to build a big house—11,500 square feet total, with five bedrooms and six-and-a-half baths—and still make it feel intimate and homey. “We invented it together in both big gestures and small moments,” Barrett says. That included all the finishes. “Everything about the house—even the masonry and the way the steel beams are placed—is artwork,” Barrett says. “But once you get into a project like this, everyone brings their ‘A game.’”

– Story by Alison Gwinn


Read the full story, and check out our custom metal work including a fireplace surround, loop fireplace sculpture, custom steel range hood and hanging shelving, kitchen island wall paneling, vertical Clad wall paneling, and a custom park city fire feature!


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