urthling 1:1 | Eric David

Eric David

favorite color:

favorite veggie:
corn, barley, and rye. malted, mashed, fermented, distilled and aged not less than 7 years in a new white oak barrel. collard greens are good too.

dessert of choice:
see "favorite veggie"... maybe not collard greens though.

alter ego:

foreign country:
Germany. I have a soft spot for it because I was born there.

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When Eric David describes his alter ego as Sasquatch, trust us,… that is a completely reasonable assessment! And, it’s not only because of all the hair and lack of any vertical challenge!

Working as an Outward Bound instructor for over 15 years, Eric contributed greatly to this highly regarded experiential and outdoor learning school. He was a river guide, down hill ski instructor, camp leader and river ranger. Living life out of his car from river to river and mountain to mountain, Eric continued to find his way back to Fort Collins.

Because of these trips, he met and fell in love with his amazingly talented and wonderful wife, Beth. Although the wild still calls to him, he says he has put down some roots. He purchased one of the century old bungalows in Old Town Fort Collins with the Mrs. and began working on starting a family. This will be an all-together different sort of wild for him.

It is fun for us to have our very own Mr. Nature and look forward to an annual guided Raw Urth raft trip! Don’t forget Eric,… you promised!

Working at Raw Urth as the Purchasing Manager, Eric is helping us develop great and lasting relationships with our vendors. It is equally important to all of us here at Raw Urth that our vendors are as well taken care of as our clients. Researching and understanding the ins and outs of all our tools and raw materials is an important role to keep our finished goods pricing down. It’s a big and wild job and Eric is the perfect guy to tackle it.

Is there more you need to know about Eric David after a long day at the office purchasing steel?

Eric David Rafts like a crazy man

Oh, yes! There is so much more!…

We can talk about a back room distillery, and some of the best hooch around. Bring in one banjo, a fiddle, and an old guitar before you know the half of it. He organizes the Old-Time Music Festival and, if that is not enough… he is a musician at the local square dances! You read that right,… square dances outside of Branson, Missouri?… who knew? With his wife playing at his side, you can catch a set at our local farmer’s markets and dance halls. As if he didn’t have enough on his plate, he and Beth are diving into recording a Colorado musical history for future generations.

Eric is a great guy, fun to have around and reigning title holder as the first banjo playing Urthling to cross the threshold of the front door. Impressive!