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Addie Sasick

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Addie Sasick is the hard working daughter of Stefan and Amy Sasick and an absolute gem to have around. She is hilarious, quick witted and a reminder of how great life is as a teenager. We all love listening to her stories and offering advice… probably more than she cares to get.

Addie watched her parents work and push to build Raw Urth, something that they love and care deeply about. She has wanted to be a part of it for as long as she can remember. Although she had helped with the classic stuffing envelopes/applying stamps through the years as most kids with working parents do, Addie could not wait until her 14th birthday when she could get a “real” job at Raw Urth, complete with paycheck! Now that she is officially on staff and working to save up for a car, we rely on her for finding a missing receipt or knowing which file cabinet has the new trailer registration tags! This girl is mastering the art of the alphabet with all the filing we throw at her every week. Who says the stuff you learn in kindergarten won’t pay off one day?!

A little more about Addie Sasick you say?

Addie loves girls night with Amy, snuggling on the sofa watching RomComs and eating popcorn just as much as she likes suiting up in her camo and spending all day in a turkey blind, bow in hand, with Stefan. She loves spending time with her friends in downtown Fort Collins laughing, taking photos and painting portraits. She is pretty all around, totally awesome! (yes, we are completely biased). Besides going to high school full time, working at Raw Urth several hours a week and playing on the tennis and softball teams at school, Addie spends every day with her horse Layla. She cleans stalls, grooms, exercises and rides Layla, cleans tack and feeds her twice a day. This is a girl with an enviable work ethic! Her parents could not be more proud.




Addie Sasick and Layla