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Sculptural Bronze is one of our textured finishes. We originally came up with this process because we needed to create some organic Bronze panels for an exterior door we were working on. Stefan worked with different methods of creating a texture that would be organic and interesting in Bronze then, had the foundries cast them. Fortunately for us, Fort Collins is the sister city to Loveland, Colorado, the sculpture capital of America! There are foundries galore and more knowledge and experience in casting than any other place you could find. It was a great partnership and something worth diving deeper into.

Because we are casting any of the texture we create, we can really customize and fine tune the piece to your tastes. This photo is the texture we came up with to satisfy the goal of the exterior door but, if you have the imagination and direction, we have the know how! We can make whatever you wish you could find!

One thing to remember on the Sculptural Bronze, because we cast the Bronze into the texture we have sculpted for you, the weight is higher than if we were using a sheet of material. There is an added thickness and weight that will have to be engineered (don’t worry, we can do that too!) before actually designing this option into your project. That being said, Sculptural Bronze is best used for flat paneling versus say, a Range Hood due to it’s thickness and weight.