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Although Zinc naturally patinas toward the white spectrum, we have pushed a lot of color into the metal with this Marbled Zinc patina. With heavy mottling of blues, greens and golds, this patina offers something unlike any other patina we offer. The overall effect is quite beautiful although, we do warn that it is not a good choice for a counter top or sink. That being said, Amy and Stefan have both their master bath as well as the kids Jack and Jill bath counters in Marbled Zinc and report a ton of compliments when giving house tours.

Because this patina in not in line with what Zinc does naturally over time by oxidizing white, we have to clear coat the piece in order to maintain the finish. This is great for a hood, metal cabinet detail or other accent however, because counters take a lot of abuse as working surfaces, we warn that clear coat can be damaged and the finish will revert to natural zinc. Ultimately, we prefer to build all of our counters, regardless of type of metal, without any clear coat because we have found that damaging the clear coat seems to be the biggest risk factor to a counter.