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Much like the Butterdish Pewter, Industrial Zinc is more about the texture than the actual patina coloring. We surface treat the zinc by creating small divots. In the process of adding that texture, the entire Zinc sheet moves and warps slightly allowing for a subtle movement across the surface. This movement allows the patina to have highs and lows as we rub it all back to prep for patina. Adding the Antique finish to this surface texture gives a really nice Industrial look and feel with aging that would happen naturally through work instead of simple oxidization. Of course Zinc does not naturally darken over time but, lighten so, the overall patina in not in line with a Zinc look but, we love it anyway!

Like the Marbled Zinc, we do not recommend this finish for a counter top since it requires a clear coat to maintain the dark color. It is a wonderful option for a Range Hood or as a counter for an area that does not receive too much use. An entertainment room or side table counter would be fine.