urthling 1:1 | Tim Notz

Tim Notz

Favorite Color:

Alter Ego:
Michael Winslow wannabe

Favorite Veggie:
Anything right off the plant

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Born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, Tim Notz has that calm, slow Southern thing that is so pleasant to be around. We love that about him and couldn’t be more thrilled to have him as part of the team. Not to mention, an athlete for sure, Tim totally helps us rock our softball team on Thursday evenings. He has had some spectacular outfield plays that get the crowds (i.e. Amy, Addie, Bfab and Randy) cheering.

After leaving Texas, he bumped around for a while trying to find the right career path. And also, the right city to start it. With a BS from Colorado School of Mines, he landed in Fort Collins. He happened to be looking for job to hone is freshly acquired 3D modeling skills, and Voilà, a match made in heaven! With a degree in Engineering and computer design skills to boot, he seemed like the perfect fit for Raw Urth. He tells us he loves working in a place where he can see his designs built right under the same roof. We will also note that he thinks he works with great people (we couldn’t leave that part out! 🙂 ).

But what about who Tim is outside of work?…

Outside of work, this guy has a full plate.

When not rocking’ the Iron Goats, he coaches high school girls Arsenal Colorado soccer. This man has guts! It is also worth noting that Jenna is his assistant coach. We like to keep it all in the family 🙂 . We have also heard rumor that Tim is quite the table tennis player. Sounds like a happy hour with leisure sports is in our future!

Tim also loves spending time outdoors doing just about anything. Mostly hanging with his lady, Natalie, and breathing in the fresh mountain air. He loves animals and making food fresh from his garden. In addition to the farm to table theme he is working, he dabbles in home brew. His hope is that one day, after all the trial and error, he will indeed brew an IPA! We are ready Tim… bring it on!