urthling 1:1 | Steffany Yasus

Steffany Yasus

alter ego:


dessert of choice:
Sarducci's tiramisu

mom's baked artichokes

foreign country:
Peru and Thailand

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Steffany Yasus is a modern day Renaissance woman! She loves to learn, experience and dive into new challenges. And because of that, she is a wealth of knowledge and a treasure to have here at Raw Urth world headquarters! She is a constant surprise and hands down, a total rock star.

Growing up in Vermont, Steffany always had a natural desire for adventure. With this constant need to travel and experience something new, she packed for a trip of a lifetime. At 17 she headed to Peru and worked under Peruvian archaeologists, hiking the Andes and clearing Inca ruins from overgrowth. This venture into the lost architecture of the Inca’s lead Steffany directly into design and construction when she returned home.

Enrolling at Norwich University she knocked out an undergrad and Master’s in Architecture in 5 years. Did we already tell you this girl rocks?! Once she checked that off her to-do list, she wanted a new adventure away from home.

She and her boyfriend, Bill, packed up their records, books, and board games, everything else was sold off, and they traded the Green Mountains for the Rockies. She landed a job on the finishing production floor at Vestas, a wind turbine company, getting the 360ft blades prepped for paint. She loved what the company stood for, and enjoyed her time with all the people she worked with. That being said, she caught wind of an opening at Raw Urth and decided to check it out.

Once looking into Raw Urth, her wheels started spinning. She really wanted to know more about metal fabrication so, took a chance and wrote to Amy. From the first email, we knew she was our girl! Coming in as a Project Coordinator, Steffany was up and running on her own two feet within a month or two. (She did have a fantastic trainer in Liz!) Steffany has rocked it in the front of the house!

Now what? She would like to try her hand with patina and we think she will rock that too! We think she and Darin will be the perfect compliment to the patina building. We are excited to see what she can produce in the new roll.

Could there be more?…


Oh, yes! She loves kayaking, camping and chilling’ with Bill and adorable peg-leg pup, Maggie. The family of three recently moved a few blocks from the studio so, she enjoys biking in every day. When not outside or at work, she likes to build her own cameras, check out a preview below from her 360° pinhole camera!

Her goal? To someday combine all of her mixed experiences and build her own home. She says she doesn’t know where that home will land but, we are hoping it is somewhere around here.



Steffany Yasus_360 Pinhole Camera