urthling 1:1 | Rob Montes

Rob Montes

alter ego:
Mob Ronts (should we know what that means?)

favorite color:

favorite veggie:

dessert of choice:
cake, but not cake pops... EVER.

foreign country:
China or Egypt

attribute image

Son of a Library Director, Rob Montes has a knack and desire to keep it all organized and cataloged and we can’t get enough of that! Just short of putting the Dewey Decimal system to work in the shipping department, Rob knows where everything is at any point in the process of patina, shipping and delivery. He can crate, load and ship. Wrap, tape and secure. Prep, organize and maneuver with the best of them. We are so glad he found us and we found him!

Rob was working the night shift at Costco stocking and running circles around the crew there. He heard about Raw Urth from Liz and thought he would like to check it out. After a brief meeting at the Christmas party and upon excellent recommendation from Liz, we brought Rob into the Urthling fold. He seemed like a perfect fit and has certainly proven to be that! We have enjoyed watching him elevate the shipping and delivery department into something we had never achieved before. He keeps things moving and has a spectacular eye for all things quality control. He brings clarity and direction to a fast moving schedule and sometimes chaotic work load. And,… Rob is a super fun and entertaining guy to hang out with day in and day out. We don’t know how things got done before Rob Montes hit the scene!

You need a little more?…

Rob Watching the Sunrise


Born in California, raised and educated in New Haven, Connecticut and newly implanted into Colorado, Rob loves the life he has here with his adorable girlfriend, Liz and dog, Duke. Also to note, Rob is our resident English major, guerrilla graffiti artist, old-school skateboarder, reader of all things Stephen King and pinch hitter and coach for the stellar Raw Urth Softball team, The Iron Goats. Throw in a little hip hop and great time with friends and you start to see the guy Rob is and why we love to have him around.