urthling 1:1 | Randy Trahan

Randy Trahan

favorite color:
steel at 2000 degrees

favorite veggie:
gobi (it's code for cauliflower)

dessert of choice:
pork belly

attribute image

Randy Trahan was created in a lab. He’s basically held together by heavy metal and SourPatch Kids. Deep in the swamps of Louisiana he learned English by watching 80’s action movies and is a closet river dancer. Or at least, that’s what he wants you to think!

All and all, we can not say enough wonderful things about Randy. He has worked at Raw Urth since 2009 and we can’t imagine life around here without him. Cajun through and through, he has the best pig calls this side of Louisiana. Always up for a laugh and smile, Randy keeps this whole place rockin’, even on the crunch days. You’d be hard pressed to find a better set of hands on a 24 hour install or impossible project. He’s the man, ya’ll!

Before Randy found his way to Raw Urth, he had worked in the industry for some of the best. He had also forged out on his own and knows the pitfalls of holding together a company while trying to work in it. His experience and talent are absolutely invaluable. Of course he makes us look good but, his talent goes so far beyond what we do here. His fine art is top of the heap and truly worth seeking out. Keep your eyes open on our web page as we bring an online store up. It is our hope that Randy, along with all the other talented artists here, will be able to sell their own work directly through it. Fingers crossed that is reality in 2017!

Besides all the metal that flows through Randy’s veins, he has two fantastic kids. Sophia and Aidan have grown up coming into the shop for almost their whole lives. They are as much a part of Raw Urth as Randy is. In fact, when can we get them leather aprons and fab tables? Isn’t it about time for some new blood?!


A few extra tidbits we can say without a self destruct trigger?…

He is an avid reader of fantasy books, loves a cold beer when he’s… well, he loves a cold beer anytime, and he lives in true southern Louisianna style in a trailer down by the lake. He was great over the pot at cRawUrth Boil 2015 Party at the Lake. And, rocked the fried chicken at the 2016 Chicken and Rawaffles Party at the Lake. The man has a gift with food.

A little more on the fried chicken?…

This deep south master chef makes the hands down, BEST fried chicken any of us have ever put in our mouths! It’s some kind of crazy voodoo that nobody understands. You gotta try it to believe it! It has become the mainstay to our MMA Fight Night parties along side Amy’s jalapeño poppers. Top it all off with some sriracha-mayo and somebodies sleeping on the sofa!

Oh yeah, and… the ink. When we are out on the town with Randy, people tend to notice him. As the runt of his family, he stands 6’3″, is bald and covered head to toe in ink, he stands out,.. just a little. When someone stops to ask how many tattoos he has, he simply replies… “Only the one.”