urthling 1:1 | Marci White

Marci White

favorite color:
pantone color Caribbean Sea 18-4525

dessert of choice:
Mom's coconut cream pie

alter ego:

foreign country:
Bali... someday :)

favorite veggie:

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Marci White is our very own Michigan girl, don’t cha know,… and we love her! This girl can put a grin on anyone’s face with her quick wit, natural curiosity, bright eyes and smile.

For years, Marci could be found mixing drinks, chatting with bar patrons and working the world of the food and beverage industry. This background helped Marci develop a unique love and understanding of people. She learned how they communicate and what they are looking for, even when they might not know themselves. With this terrific skill, she found her way into the design community landing a job working at a tile and flooring show room. There, Marci worked with some of the best and most talented interior designers in Colorado. She refined her design eye and broadened her understanding of the construction industry as a whole.

Fortunately for us, Marci started looking around for something new in the design world to inspire her and stumbled across our studio. Amy knew from the moment she read her introduction email that she was an Urthling through and through and hired her on the spot. Showroom Manager, social media updater, logistics coordinator and all things nobody else is doing pretty much sums up what Marci is up to everyday at Raw Urth. She makes a difference everyday and loves being a part what we do here.

And what is life like for Marci White when she is not showing off patina samples in the showroom…

Miles, the Iron GoatIn addition to working at Raw Urth, she loves to entertain and cook for friends and family, hang out with the always fantastic Dave White and dog Miles Davis, play golf, catch live music, travel, garden and of course, mix a drink or two in her new backyard bar and dance party patio!

She can also be found in right field helping our Iron Goats to their 3rd place victory in 2016! WooHoo, we’re number 3!

If all that’s not enough, here are a few more things we think you need to know about Marci White… She is a card carrying member of the Elk Rod and Gun Club in Wisconsin. The creator of the ever popular “whisky ball hot dish”. What’s that you ask? She is also the proud winner of the meat raffle at the ladies ice fishing trip. Lover of Miller Lite and if that’s not enough,… she can rock a mean jazz square, complete with jazz hands. What’s not to love about all that!