urthling 1:1 | Liz McLaughlin

Liz McLaughlin


dessert of choice:
ice cream cake

alter ego:
Dual Hair Girl: with the power to fit into tiny spaces!

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We’ve got to tell you that Liz McLaughlin was almost the one that got away! We honestly don’t know where we would be without her. This girl is larger than life! A ton of dynamite packaged up as a tiny, Irish powerhouse. Super quick witted, smart, ready to lend a helping hand at the drop of a hat and really, one of the very best to ever grace the front office. Liz is the bomb!

Growing up in a family business, Liz understands better than most that small businesses have a certain pace to them,… fast. She knows that there is not necessarily a department for everything that comes up. Because of that, she is usually the first to jump feet first into trying to fix or help when an issue arises. She works with our clients to help them find exactly what they are looking for and it is a rare day for her to leave anything on the table. She is a master at follow through and we rely on her to take care of the front line.

Growing up in Connecticut, Liz was all musical theater and acting. She played Annie in the musical “Annie”. We can all imagine it perfectly because she was clearly that kid. We love that her eastern roots taught her how to wear a blazer with absolutely anything and the power of lipstick. She seems to know a little about any subject we bring up and her laugh is infectious.

Wanting to see a little more of the country, she and boyfriend Rob, loaded the car and dog and headed West. The road led to Fort Collins and ultimately, Raw Urth. We feel like the pot at the end of the rainbow! We love her energy, humor, projection and how good she is at wearing wigs! 🙂

Rob and Liz

Moneyball McLaughlin…

Liz was so excited before the 2016 softball season. She was ready to get out there and compete, until, the week before our first game, Liz fell off her bike and broke her tibia. Fifteen staples later and she was benched for the season. Going to the first game in a wheelchair, she became the appointed manager of the team and rocked the job. Although the games are great, nothing really beats listening to Moneyball(s) McLaughlin talking smack out of the dugout. Hilarious! She can get us laughing so hard with the stuff that comes out of her mouth.

When she is not calling batters to the plate, she loves to go camping, hiking, and biking. She is also completely obsessed with the Simpsons and her two darling nieces that live back East. Besides singing… constantly, this girl loves listening to obscure podcasts, traveling the world, and soaking in every museum that she passes along the way. Add movies (all of them), whiskey and a nice board of charcuterie, olives and cheese and you get a sense of what Liz is all about!


Liz on Top of the World