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Jenna Holmstrom-Wetzel is home grown. Born and raised right here in Fort Collins, Colorado, she is a true local and proud of it! An athlete through and through, Jenna left FoCo for a few years to attend school in Lubbock, Texas. With a full ride scholarship, Jenna helped take their Division 1 soccer team to the top. We have a National Champion in our midst.

When deciding to go South, Jenna also had an offer on the table for a Softball scholarship. Apparently she could only pick one sport. While she did choose the soccer route, she has finally realized her softball dreams. Pitching for the Raw Urth Iron Goat softball team, Jenna has finally filled that void missing in her life. Slow pitch, co-ed softball was that missing link. Again, in true winning form, she helped bring this team to the playoffs. While there, we landed in third place. (YES! We’re number 3!) As a group, we tend to have too much fun at those games for actual winning, or practicing, or…. focus. 🙂

At Raw Urth, Jenna acts as air traffic control in the patina building. She organizes and communicates between the office and the patina booth. Prepping, sanding and all manners of product logistics keep her crazy busy back there. We love having someone who really, really likes things to be cleaned out and organized. Working closely with Rob in shipping, they have really turned that department around!

Outside of sports and work?…

Honestly, Jenna does mostly more sports and athletic-y kinds of things. In addition, she, and wonderfully interesting girlfriend, Lauren, just bought their first house. They live there with two of the smartest and sweetest dogs you’ll meet, Wiley and River. Lauren has a way with animals and has trained those two as true companions.