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Gary Edward Gloer II

Alter Ego:

Favorite Veggie:
Yes, please

Foreign Country:
Never have

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Coming to Raw Urth in mid-2013, Gary Gloer could not have arrived at a better time. Our schedule was getting away from us and we needed to get it under control! In stepped Gary, always positive, ready to help, and quick with a big smile. He fit right in and we can’t imagine the shop without him. Gary rocks our summer party every year with the awesome playlists that he puts together with Brian. Somehow those guys find the perfect balance between the hard driving music the fabricator prefers and the bootie-shaking dance beats the girls lean towards. Plus, he throws in a sprinkle of the long, classic jams that Tony digs.

Gary had worked as an architectural metal fabricator locally for several different shops during the day while continuing his education at night in Welding Technologies before joining Raw Urth. Before that, he worked with his family running a marketing business although, he really wanted to change it up, and work with his hands building things he could be proud of. We are thrilled he chose metal as his medium and found his way to us! He is a skilled welder, hard worker and great to have around (even if we did have to up our donut allowance on Monday mornings when Gary came onboard :)!

Life for Gary outside of being a Metal Fabricator…

When he is not here at the shop welding up a vent hood, polishing a pewter counter or replacing parts on our temperamental cold saw, Gary is checking out music or simply enjoying time with his lovely and talented girlfriend, Jessye, an artist in her own right. With a garage/converted man cave, Gary works up a little home brew and fine tunes his Harley when he has a few minutes to spare. On Thursday nights, he and Jessye help rock the all-star roster of the Raw Urth softball team, The Iron Goats. He can also be found at the archery range, sparring with his two teenage sons or spending quality time with his tarantula, cat, and python (someone’s got to do it,… or do they?). Secretly, albeit posted on the world wide web, he likes to defend the Galactic Empire from the Jedi Rebels. Come back from the dark side, Gary!

Breaking Gary & Jessye News : We all welcome to the world the newest Gloer, Gavin, the cutest little buddy any dad could wish for. We can’t get enough of this kid with his dimples and tiny Chuck Taylors! He is an Iron Goat mascot if ever there was one! Three boys and counting? Hang in there Jessye!