urthling 1:1 | Conrad Sabin

Conrad Sabin

Favorite Color:
Stainless TIG Weld

Alter Ego:
Jeremiah Johnson

Dessert of Choice:
Peppermint Toothpicks

Foreign Country:

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Conrad Sabin sent us a resume a few years back but, we had already filled the position when he called. If we only knew then what we know now, we would have hired him on the spot! He is one of the most positive and agreeable people you could ever meet. We could not be more delighted that he now graces our shop and has moved to the neighborhood!

Working in Denver as a fabricator and welder, he refined his metal working skills. Conrad originally heard about us through his father in law (a wonderful guy and client of ours). He says he checked out our work and set his sites on getting one of the tables in our shop. We seemed like a good fit for him with our work as well as philosophy. When we brought him on board, he had a growing family still in Denver yet, made the commute every day up to Fort Collins to work. That says something huge about his character, drive and love for his family. Within weeks, he found a house to bring his beautiful wife, daughter and freshly born son to the neighborhood! They sold their house in the city and picked up a cute farm house in LaPorte, north of town. We are so excited to have them all (including the in-laws) in the family!

When Conrad first arrived at Raw Urth, we were in a bit of a flux as sometimes happens in a young and growing company. We were all working so hard yet feeling like we were rolling a boulder up a hill. His timing in the shop could not have been more spectacular. We all needed a little inspiration from outside of ourselves and Conrad fit the bill perfectly. He always has a few, simple words of inspiration up his sleeve when we need it most. He remains positive when his plate is full and time is working against him. The proverbial scales tip each time we bring someone new into the shop. Conrad has most certainly put weight on the side of the scale we put the most value on! We couldn’t be more pleased and can all agree that he is the bomb!

And then there is life for Conrad outside of custom range hoods…

Besides being an unofficial in-house therapist, he is an outdoorsman through and through. Bow-hunter, avid fisherman and lover of all things in fresh air, Conrad lives the Colorado life. We have heard stories of stuffing parachutes in Hawaii, skateboarding and motocross but, when it comes to the end of the day, this guy is focused on one thing. Family… enough said.


Conrad Sabin