urthling 1:1 | Casey Crane

Casey Crane

Favorite Color:
Vanta Black (we didn't know what it was either)

Favorite Dessert:
The Sahara.... JK

Alter Ego:

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Casey Crane loves computer games, dark magic, mushrooms and, he cracks us up! He likes us to think he is dark and moody but, we can see right through him! Look at that smile. 🙂

Casey grew up in Sterling, Colorado, and left home to join the Armed Forces. He loved the structure, the physical activity and the camaraderie. Living and working in tight quarters while in the service, Casey mastered the ability to get along with everyone. He really couldn’t be a nicer guy. In fact, when Casey first got to Raw Urth, we did not have enough space to squeeze another table into our shop so, he shared a table with Mike (Sorry to the both of you for those days!). He totally handled it with grace! There is something to be said about a guy that can keep his cool with sparks flying at him while putting the finishing touches on a fireplace that is larger than the table.

After leaving the service, he learned how to weld and has been fabricating for about 9 years. He made his way to Fort Collins and worked around town before finding his way to us. We love having him around and enjoy his whole vibe. He is an anchor to the shop on days when things get crazy. His specialty has become fire place surrounds although, he also welds up a mean range hood.

A little more about Casey…

Casey and girlfriend, Jessie, both played on the Raw Urth Softball team. (Go Goats! We’re number 3! 🙂 When not at work, Casey likes to practice his world domination in the on line gaming community. He also LOVES hanging out with his son Leviathan. The kid is so adorable that we LOVE hanging out with him too!


Raw Urth with Casey and Levi Crane