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Our Stainless Antique is created in the same manor as all of our other Antique finishes in that we darken the entire piece then, hand rub back the color bringing the whiteness of the metal back through. This creates the look of a natural tarnished look on the large open panels and on the raised details. We think this is a great finish for a modern space that calls for a more cool tone gray on the metal finish while keeping true to the crisp and strong style of Stainless.

This Antique coloring is very graphite in tone with the witness of Stainless shinning below the patina. Because we hand rub the surface to get the depth of color, you will see very fine surface scratches in a circular motion. This surface texture is great because it helps break up the perfectly smooth surface and cover any slight scratches that may happen over time. You can expect a low amount of mottling with darker coloring along edges and detail trim.